Wants and their types

>> Sunday, January 25, 2009

Economics has defined want very scientific way . Wants include all human's desire which he desires to get because he is social animal and when he see other people with these material . He thinks that he wants same thing . In other world we can want to money or any other thing which attracts our mind and brain .

Wants are three type :-

1st Necessity :-

All wants which are very necessary to live in this earth , that wants are called Necessities . In necessities we can include air , water , food , cloths and house . We need water and food for drinking and eating , we need cloths to wear , we need house to live . If we do not get or receive all these things , we can not live in this earth . Human beings necessities are more than other creatures of God , they live in the nature of God without any house or any clothes . But human being can not live without cloths or without house . If a person does not do any work but , that person also needs all above basic necessities for living his life .

2nd Comforts

Comforts are also the want of human being . But without this we can live the life . But if we get comforts , we can live better life . Cooler , fans , Scooter and computer are all our main comforts . Because with these comforts , person becomes more efficient .

3rd Luxuries

In economics , luxuries are those wants which crops up when a man or woman become richest in this world . After this he or she dreams of AC rooms , eating only in five or seven star hotels . He or she baths only high paid bathing pools . He or she wants to travel only in top costly ac cars . He or she wants to live only in high cost building . These all desires and wants are called luxuries . It decreases human efficiency .

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